Photogrammetric processing

INPHO is a reliable photogrammetric system developed by Trimble company (Germany) which offers a full line of innovative, world-class products for geospatial data capturing and processing and covers the entire digital photogrammetric workflow from geo-referencing to orthophoto mosaicking and stereo plotting.

UAV data processing

Trimble (Germany) UASMaster software for photogrammetric processing data from UAV.
ENVI OneButton software, developed by Harris Geospatial Solution (ex. ExelisVIS), Harris Geospatial division, for photogrammetric processing data from UAV, including multispectral, and creation of georeferenced 2D and 3D products.

Thematic processing

Exelis VIS (USA) ENVI software is a professional solution for vizualization, processing and analysis of optical and radar remote sensing data, laser scanning data, integration with GIS data and creating of variety applications.

All-in-one imagery processing

Trimble (Germany) UASMaster software for photogrammetric processing data from any modern UAV.

SAR data processing

Complex of multifunctional modules of ENVI software called SARscape developed by sarmap SA company (Switzerland) for processing and analysis Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data.

GIS solutions

Geoinformation products developed by Esri (USA) for creation of GIS of any level.
Web GIS is designed to implement projects in the Internet/Intranet network where the customers can view, edit, and analyze spatial data using standard web-browsers.

Data storage

Geoanalitika.STORAGE is invented at the crossroad of system insights of geoinformatics, theory of geosystems and artificial intelligence.

Hydrogeological modeling

Software developed by Waterloo Hydrogeologic company (Canada) for groundwater flow, heat and contaminant transport modeling, environmental data management, water quality analysis, pumping test data analysisand unsaturated flow simulation.
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