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Vectorization of hardcopy maps and plans

A conversion hardcopy (paper) maps to vector format is an actual problem due to the fact that hardcopy cartographic products of corporate and municipal map archives are falling into disrepair. The digitization (digital map generation) is the only way to save the valuable information.

The digitalization consists of two stages. The first one is scanning paper map. Taking into account that a paper map has 0, 2mm graphic accuracy, the scanning with resolution of 500 dpi (the size of a pixel is about 0, 1 mm) ensures the retention of all paper map details. The second stage is creation vector map by vectorization of raster map object content in different software products (such as ArcGIS etc.).

Visually a vector map and a raster map are very similar but in fact they are widely different products. A vector map is a database which keeps information about map objects. This information consists of two types: a graphic (geometric) and attribute (semantic) description of objects. An attributive description includes information such as tree height, road width, river flowing, settlement names, addresses, etc. A graphic description defines the contours of objects (curved in general). These curves are broken lines, which approximate original contours and colors of objects. Such vector maps are used as a geospatial basis of Google, Yandex and other Internet resources.

SOVZOND Company has a great potential for paper map vectorization of any scale.

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